Kassbell is an international marketing consultancy operating out of China and Southeast Asia, servicing clients all across Europe, North America and Asia. We specialize in consulting for Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) as well as Offshore Marine Support Services. We provide market analysis, regulatory advice, and strategic tracking for our clients. Our team of experts helps companies navigate the new Asian markets, allowing them to take advantage of fresh opportunities in the global marketplace.

Kassbell was founded in the early Nineties to fill a need in China 's burgeoning aviation industry. China had just reached the tipping point of its economic development, allowing Kassbell to play a key role in bridging the cultural and technical gaps between East and West. Prior to starting Kassbell Aviation, its founder – Peter Loh (a naval architect and engineer) had run Singapore's largest private shipyard for more than a decade; building jack up oil rigs, barges and other offshore marine support vessels.

Kassbell Aviation's early work included providing strategic marketing support for the certified, safe repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft parts. In almost two decades, Kassbell has built a brand synonymous with integrity, expertise and deep-rooted connections essential to the Asian market.

In addition, Kassbell Marine also provided strategic planning, marketing and corporate governance services for its offshore marine clientele.


Kassbell has been able to take advantage of strong networks and strategic alliances to provide accurate market intelligence, regulatory advice and facilitate business development. Providing our clients with strong marketing, sales and customer service support, one of our key strengths is enabling them to target their efforts with specific cultural sensitivity. In this way, we optimize our client's effectiveness and success.

Kassbell also serves as a sourcing partner of offshore marine equipment from China .